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revised June 15, 2006

Processed World has moved to a new location under our umbrella nonprofit CounterPULSE.
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Check out the interview with Alex Foti, formerly of Chainworkers in Milan, Italy.

This is a hint of the kinds of things we'll be publishing in an eventual successor project to Processed World, which currently is planned as a collective blog.
If you're interested, please send me an email : ccarlsson (at) shapingsf (dot) org

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This is the last issue of Processed World. It's been a great run, and thanks to the hundreds who have contributed over the years. Don't miss this last issue! It's a beaut! And visit this site for future news about new projects.

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Check out Jim Swanson's amazing Flash movie Animal Attraction!


Since 1981, Processed World has been taking riffs on techology, work, daily life, and the media.
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