Cover Graphic by Hugh D'Andrade

Talking Heads

High Seas Adventure: Ocean Crossings in Search of the Revolutionary Atlantic
feature by Ramor Ryan

Starring Mr. Green, in the Laundry Room, with the Knife
tale of toil by donchuwannaknow

Trauma Tango
tale of toil by Tom Messmer

Everyday Terror
analysis by Adam Cornford

A Strike By Any Other Name
report by Natasha Dedrick

Raven, klipschutz, William Talcott, Summer Brenner

On The Bleeding Edge
tale of toil by Primitivo Morales

Techno Pranks
feature by Jesse Drew

A World of Possibilities at 45 West Point
report by James Tracy

Fucked by the Dildo Shop
tale of toil by Zoe Noe

No Nonsense
fiction by p.m.

Still Working
book reviews from McDo. and Chris Carlsson

Burning Man: A Working-Class, DIY World’s Fair
feature by Chris Carlsson

Reclaim The Commons?
rant by Ztangi Press

Special Web Edition: Pittsburgh—Back In the USSR
by Maggie Field