This is the text of a 4.25" x 5.5" flyer that was produced in German, Czech and Polish, and distributed in East Berlin, Sczeczin, Gdansk, Warsaw, and Wroclaw, Poland, and Prague, Czechoslovakia in April 1990 by wandering members of the Anti-Economy League of San Francisco.

April 1990


We are from the future ... We have come to warn you!

The shimmering illusion of consumer paradise is a perverse illusion, disinformation sold to you by the West. "Free" markets and "free" elections are only free for those who can afford them.

Even so, we agree that it is more appealing than waiting in long queues for bad goods, working in a completely state-run economy, and living under a one-party political monopoly. But while it may be better than what has been, there is still no chance of reproducing a western-style affluence in Eastern Europe. Similar to the course of events now underway in Eastern Europe, pauperization is also being imposed in the United States. So-called wealthy countries are coming to resemble Third World areas. Vast numbers of people are homeless and destitute while others live an opulent lifestyle. All share in the consumption of images of wealth and well being, but for most people the closest they ever come to "the real thing" is Coca-Cola!

There is no future in the buying and selling of human time, nor the products of human endeavor. We can all work less, live better, and have a lot more fun in our daily lives, IF THAT IS THE GOAL TOWARD WHICH OUR SOCIETY IS ORGANIZED! The market, wage-labor, and the state all impose goals which force us to work harder and harder at increasingly useless, unnecessary activities. We call this "the rat race" for a reason! Who needs multinational banks, real estate corporations or immigration "services," anyway?The only sensible approach is to first decide collectively "What is worth doing?" Only then do we have a chance to organize our lives with meaning, joy and freedom. A free market is a fleeting experience that inevitably leads to new monopolies, new bureaucracies, and new slavery. The route to human freedom leads away from the market and away from wage-labor.

We don't speak your language, and we are sorry about that. But we do want to talk. Can you help us communicate?

Chris, Med-o, Steven

The Anti·Economy League of San Francisco
c/o Committee for Full Enjoyment, 1095 Market Street, Suite 210, SF CA 94103

PHONE: (415) 626-2060