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Utopyin' Heads



from our readers

Readers Blurt Back

responses to pw reader survey

Trading Futures: The Abolition of the Economy

analysis by mickey d.

Virtual Hell

fiction by chris carlsson

Boudoir & Bidet

tale of toil: wifing for dollars, by kwazee wabbitt

A Drink of Water

fiction by jon christensen

The Shape of Truth to Come: New Media & Knowledge

analysis by chris carlsson

Slashing the Semiotic Cityscape

report on guerilla art, by d.s. black

Terror of the Scientific Sun

article on nuclear weapons, by greg williamson

Haitis in Rush Hour

poem by christopher cook


by suzanne freeman, sam friedman, lyn lifshin, robert w. howington. linda johnson, clifton ross,

alexander laurence & david fox

Death of a Nation

future scenario by adam cornford


Cyclical Catastrophe

tale of transit hell by d.s. black

Two Wheels Good! Four Wheels Bad!

transit analysis by primitivo morales


reflections by kwazee wabbitt


poem by adam cornford

Critical Mass Update:

a good idea knows no boundaries!

Welcome to Pacifica

fiction by michael c. botkin


Tech Talk: Mediamatic and Wired

magazine reviews of mediamatic and wired, by chris carlsson

On the Job Action

review of victor santoro's fighting back, by primitivo morales

The Job Thing

review of comic anthology the job thing: stories about shitty jobs, by linda johnson


analysis by richard wool

The Pyramid and The Tree

article by adam cornford