Cover Graphic: To The Job Train by Angela Bocage

Special 10th Anniversary Double Issue!


War Heads

introduction & editorials by med-o, bean, zoe noe & primitivo morales

Argumince & Fax

from our readers

Not Our Own: Demystifying Goals & Methods of "Progressive" Work

analytical tale of toil by steven colatrella


Progressive Pretensions

tale of toil by kwazee wabbitt

Aaah! HIP Capatalists!

satire by chris carlsson

Ambivalent Memories of Virtual Community

tale of toil: programming at berkeley's community memory, by g.s. williamson

There Goes The Neighborhood!

tale of toil: neighborhood recycling center, by glenn caley bachmann

Beatnik Managers, Tye-Dye Bureaucrats, & Corporate All-Purpose Tofu Paste

tale of toil: food co-op, by robert ovetz

If I Die Before I Wake

poem by jim lough



by marina lazzara, david west, gina bergamino, jeff conant, janice king, michele c., errol miller & gene harter

Adventures In The Muck-It Research Game

"fiction" by art tinnitus


A Trade Reporter's Report

tale of toil by frank wilde


Post-Modern Pensees

poem by paula orlando


Kelly Girl's Good Job

tale of toil: writer, by Kelly Girl



vdt update, poll tax revolt, disney revolution?, salarymen rebel in japan, sex on the job & more!

Lessons in Democracy

poem by adam cornford

From The Grey Ranks: Graffiti in War & Peace in Poland

interview with tomasz sikorski, by d.s. black

Art & Chaos in Brazil

interview with graffiti artist ze carratu

Harvey Pekar

article by klipschutz


review of josh kornbluth's haiku tunnel, by d.s. black

review of crad kilodney's work, by d.s. Black

"office worker's dreams", by crad kilodney

review of mike davis' city of quartz, by chris carlsson

review of the mill hunk herald anthology, by primitivo morales

review of french tabloid mordicus, by frog

review of french magazine terminal: informatique, culture, societe, by frog

Texas: Penury of Plenty

tale of texan toil by salvador ferret



PROCESSED WORLD #26/27 Special 10th Anniversary Double Issue!