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Cover Graphic by Ramone Munoz


Debt Heads

collective editorial by green fuchsia & the pw collective


our readers fight back

We Ain't Working On Maggie's Farm No More!

pw goes to (green) summer camp

Esprit de Corpse

tale of toil and analysis by dan herman

You've Got To Give Me Credit

one man's solution to the credit problem, by gary richardson

Credit Card Gulag

credit cards & collections in america, by harold tuttle

Our American Economic System

poem by bruce jacobson

Posing An Pretending

things to order

Big Shopping

analysis by dennis hayes

S.F.A.I. Memo

a document slid under our door

Born Again

fiction by tamin ansary


by ann-marie hendrickson & barbara schaffer


fiction by bob slaymaker

Children of the Night

tale of toil by allen krebs

A Family Business

fiction by susan gee rumsey

Readers' Demographic Poll & Survey