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Cover Graphic by Paul Mavrides

Exploding Heads



from our readers

Defense Farce

hot under the helmet in south africa, by william brummer

The Cloistered Workplace

analysis by dennis hayes

Good Shooting!

poem by harvey stein

A White Rose Is A White Rose Is A White Rose...

interview with katya komisaruk, military saboteur, by med-o

The Sitcom Vietnam

satirical analysis by mike wilkins

My Nuclear Family

growing up in los alamos, n.m., by g.s. williamson

Fat Wars

fiction by j.g. eccarius


by fritz hamilton, owen hill, jay a. blumenthal & evelyn posamentler

Work, Family, Country: Life in a Terrorist State

reminiscences of argentina by ana logue

Psst, Amigo: Wanna Buy some Pulque, Some Huaraches?

tale of toil by granny