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Talking Heads


from our readers (pdf format, 1.3 mb)

The Health Epidemic

article by lucius cabins & louis michaelson

Poetry (pdf format, 475 kb)

by k.b. emmott, glen downie, william talcott & adam cornford

Work Sickness at the Health Factory

tale of toil by summer brenner

Medical Merry-Go-Round

patient tale by bob mcglynn


fiction by michael blumlein

Blood, Sweat & Soap

tale of toil by jay clemens

Poetry (pdf format, 376 kb)

by carol tarlen, jim daniels & dale jensen

An Uninsured Tail

patient tale by willie the rat

Moral Data Inc.

fiction by steve billias

Would You? Have You? Did You?!?

lie detector toil by mark leger

Stress: A Social Dis-ease

leaflet reprint by nasty secretaries liberation front

Derailment From The Fast Track

tale of toil by madame curie


fiction by jim poyser

The Man Who Loved Levittown

book review by ana logue