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Talking Heads

processed world editorial


from our readers

Work's Diminishing Connections

analysis of workplace transience by dennis hayes

A Teaching Temp Talks Back

tale of toil: 2-year college teacher, by sofia furia

From Inside The Beast, Temporarily

tale of toil: temp agency counselor, by joni hockert

Sand and Steel

fiction by g .y. jennings

All In A Day's Work

fiction by kurt nimmo

Kaiser Don't Care! SEIU Neither!

interview on kaiser hospital strike, by lucius cabins

Hot Under The Collar:


by tom wayman, william talcott, tom clark, squirrel bates & joseph raffa

Thursday Morning

fiction by david ross

Small Is Not Beautiful

tale of toil: typesetting at the bay guardian, by tom wetzel

Byting Into Books

review of cultures in contention, by jeff goldthorpe

review of the whale and the reactor, by tom athanasiou