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The Second Sex Issue!

Giving Heads


SEX: The Never Ending Story

by ana logue


by primitivo morales

Whatever Happened to the Sexual Revolution

article by maxine holz

Anxious Pleasures

by thomas gregor

My Date with Holly Near

satire by ann-marie

Kareendi's Story

fiction by ngugi wa thiongo

Fantasy's Legal, Reality's Not

article by clitora e. cummings

Poles 'n Holes: Working in the Porn Biz

tale of toil by chaz bufe

Kelly Girl Plays Postmistress

fiction by kelly girl

My Interview with Pisstex

true story by sarkis manouchian

Big Bang

fiction by jeff goldthorpe

Your Knife in my Life

tale of toil by linda thomas


by linda thomas, julia barclay, owen hill, rosetta a., pam tranfield, william talcott & antler


fiction by james pollack


tale of toil by paxa lourde

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