Society for the Eradication of Television

* Advertisers are spending over a half-billion dollars each year to get across to children messages
about buying expensive toys and eating unhealthy foods.(Peggy Charren of ACT).

* Each year the average viewer sees 18,000 commercials. In a typical American household
a TV set is on for 7 hours and 2 minutes a day.

* By the time a young person finishes high school, she will have spent more time watching television (15,000 hrs. or more) than sitting in a classroom (11,000 hrs.).

* By the time children enter kindergarten, they will have seen 75,000 30-second television commercials.

* 250,000 Americans wrote to Marcus Welby, M.D. a few years ago asking for medical advice.

* A Detroit paper offered $500 to 120 families within their readership if they'd turn off their sets for a month. 93 families turned the offer down

.* Children show classic withdrawal symptoms normally associated with drugs
when their families agree to kick the TV habit. (Wilkins).

* Children now think in 7 minute time frames because that's the amount of time it takes between commercials.

* By the age of 14, a devoted viewer will have witnessed 11,000 TV murders
and will digest 350,000 commercials.

* Asked which they would keep if forced to choose between their fathers and their television sets, more than half the youngsters in a study chose television.

* Scientific studies have repeatedly shown that people of all ages are losing their ability
to distinguish fantasy from reality. When questioned, they frequently find
the televised image a more satisfactory experience.

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S.E.T. grants membership to anyone who does not have a working TV set in their home.
There are no dues or meetings.