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Hello Out There...


Manuscript Found in a Typewriter

Ruminations on the return to the office after some time off - essay by Chris Winks

Office Workers on Strike: San Francisco 1981

Analysis of 1980-81 Blue Shield strike in San Francisco - article by Lucius Cabins

New Information Technology: For What?

How new information technologies are being implemented, and how they might be used in a world based on free social relations - article by Tom Athanisou

San Francisco 1987 -- Would You Believe It?

Insurrection in San Francisco beginning with the occupation of the Bank of America bulidings by the workers inside - fiction by Lucius Cabins

9 to 5: We're So Pretty. . . Pretty Vacant!

Review of Fonda/Parton/Tomlin movie "9 to 5" - review by Caitlin Manning