Processed World #33 1/3

Spring/Summer ‘95

ISSN #0735-9381

Front Cover: Hugh D’Andrade

Back Cover: Beth Grundvig


Soupes du Jour

Talking Heads editorial pg 2

Letters from Readers pg 6

Transit Zone: Amics de la bici, etc... pg 38

Reviews pg 42

Downtime pg 66

Michelle Clinton’s “Good Sense & the Faithless” (Poetry)

Sadie Plant’s “The Most Radical Gesture” (Situationism)

Jules Tygiel’s “The Great Los Angeles Swindle” (Oil)

The Knightmare’s “Secrets of a Super-Hacker” (Hacking)




Gary G. Graham pg 23

David Fox pg 53

Frank Meintjies, pg 64-65

G. Sutton Breiding,

Ray Tumbleson,

Fritz Hamilton,

Dave Hayman,

Blair Ewing,

Martha Zweig




Processed Food Analysis by Kwazee Wabbitt pg 12

Sweetness and Power Analysis by Fred Gardner pg 18

My One Day Career Tale of Toil by Molly Wagner pg 19

Food Not Bombs Analysis by the PW collective pg 20


Chiapas Analysis by Chris Carlsson pg 26

The Zapatistas -- An Ecological Revolution? Analysis by John Ross pg 36


Hangtown Mountain Democrat Tale of Toil by Richard Wool pg 8

They Paved Paradise... Analysis by Neil deMause pg 47

I.B.M: From the Guts of the Monster Interview with a Spanish worker from Etcetera pg 51

Frontage Roads on the Digital Highway Analysis by Primitivo Morales pg 55




New Waters by Randall S. Doering pg 67

A More Perfect Victim by Marci Davis pg 72


Busywork by Laura Markley pg 25

The Art of the Purge by Kwazee Wabbitt pg 75


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