Archie Spigner, a Black conservative who made like he dug “the hard-working under-dog.” Being one of the only City Council 3rd World people, he was awake enough to know that Blacks would be set up for harassment, and he brought in the NAACP to back us. Political opportunism being what it is though, we never heard from him after the bill signing—which leads me to a dig I just gotta get in. Big deal City Councilwoman, Ruth Messinger, was a prime backer of the bill. Messinger is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America and a darling and a halt with the mainstream "Left" in NYC. I love how conservatives like Spigner can act more hip than "democratic socialists" who have no more problem legislating (without conferring with us even!) shit on the working class than Stalinists do with using rifle butts to get their way I guess we re one "cause" she had no interest in.